CoD Ghosts Gaming Eyewear CODG5-K

CoD Ghosts Gaming Eyewear CODG5-K

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15,00 €
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Gaming Eyewear Features and Benefits

  • High contrast lens increases subtle game details and improves shooting accuracy
  • Optical quality lens with +.20 diopter enhances game graphics and increases visual clarity
  • Engineered frame design provides extended comfort amd improves product durability
  • Curved lens cuts down distracting peripheral light improving focus and attention to game detail
  • Anti-glare coating reduces reflections and improves screen view
  • Hard coating reduces scratches and extends the life of the lens

CoD Ghosts 5-K Gaming Eyewear

Rimless lens clip-on with sturdy metal clip construction, easily covers mid-sized prescription frames, EXT Copper Contrast Gaming lens with Call of Duty lens print, +0.20 diopter, inside/outside anti-reflecting coating and hard coat, 100% UVA/UVB for true indoor and outdoor versatility, micro cleaning pouch included. Not for use as sunglasses.



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